Olympia Newborn Photography – My newborn baby would never cooperate with a professional photographer


Your child is on the way or just arrived, and one of your more joyful must-do tasks will be getting a great newborn portrait. You and your family will want those classic, enduring photos, beautifully printed for framing. And who knows? Your child’s biographer, decades from now, may want that photo, too.  Anything is gloriously possible.

But what if you schedule studio time and your baby will have none of it.  People ask me about this all the time.  How do I know my baby will cooperate for their newborn photo session, they wonder. And it’s not a bad question. (I love questions so if you have any please ask!)

To have confidence, choose a photographer who knows and loves working with babies rather than a general photographer who is just as nervous about how the baby will respond as you are.  My 17 years devoted to this craft, this tiny, miraculous corner of the photography world, has taught me much about the teeniest new little humans when they enter this life.  I have sat with the colicky and the inexplicably fussy, waited for the sleepy, and marveled at the determination of the premature.

Each of the newborns and parents that have come into my life has enriched me, as I have learned how to be truly patient and soothing around babies.

I will teach you my quieting techniques, too, if you care to watch me.  I know gentle, reassuring swaddling moves that go back to parenting before the written word –comforting practices that have made us human over the eons.  And I speak “shush” with great fluency. Sometimes my clients call me a baby-whisperer.

Patience is the key, and how to practice patience is the secret sauce of my chosen vocation.  Please contact me to arrange your newborn’s next big moment.

If you are expecting a little one and are looking to reserve a newborn session the best advice is to book early! It really is never too early to reserve your newborn session. If you live in the Olympia/Tacoma/Seattle area or beyond contact me and let’s chat about the newborn session you have been dreaming about!

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