Olympia Newborn Photographer – What to Wear for Your Newborn’s Photography Session

I love, love, love pictures of the new baby with momma or daddy but a very frequent question I hear is “What do I/we wear for our pictures with the baby?” There are three options to choose from here at Fairies and Frogs Photography; Light & Bright, Warm & Toasty or Dark & Dramatic.  The pictures in this blog post have the “Light & Bright” at the top, “Warm & Toasty” in the middle and “Dark & Dramatic” at the bottom.

For pictures in “Light & Bright” the clothing colors need to be cream, ivory, or pastels like pink or lavender. These colors when worn with the light and bright background will give the images a clean, crisp, and very airy feel.

For the “Warm & Toasty” background the colors that should be worn can be either light (white, cream, pink, blues) or dark (black, navy, brown). This background is a beautiful warm neutral pecan color so many colors will work just fine and give the warm glow look that is just so pretty.

For the “Dark & Dramatic” background, the clothing colors that should be worn are black, navy blue or dark brown. Wearing these colors with our dark and dramatic background will really focus in on the faces of the parent and the new baby.

Another question asked often is ” is a solid color shirt better or one with a pattern on it? Solid colors work best. Patterns like stripes, plaids, dots, flowers will make the picture too busy and bring the focus from the faces (where you want all the attention to go!) to the stripes or dots. Please avoid shirts with buttons, zippers and logos.

Shoes & Pants – Don’t worry about your shoes at all, your feet will not be in the picture so make sure to wear some comfortable socks lol! Pants could be in the picture just a little bit so dads can wear jeans or khakis and moms can wear whatever is comfortable (black or white yoga pants are perfect!)

We are currently booking newborn photography sessions for April, May, June, July and August. If your due date is anytime during those months, now is the time to contact us and save your spot! 360.438.0432



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