Olympia Newborn Photographer – Newborn Photography Session

This little sweetie was exactly one week new when her momma and daddy brought her in for her newborn session. One week is just about perfect for a newborn session, actually anytime between 5 days and 14 days old is the window of time that we recommend for your newborn photography session. There are many reasons why this timing is so important. First, your little one will still be super sleepy and easy to coax into a sleep during the first few days after he or she is born. Second, at this early age, they won’t mind curling up in those squishy poses that only a brand new baby can do! Third, some babies will start to get baby acne and/or colic around the age of two to three weeks.

The easiest way to schedule a session for your newborn is to schedule it way in advance, we suggest 6 to 8 weeks in advance. When you call we will look at your due date and then “pin” down your date for about 5 days after your due date. What if your baby arrives early or goes past his or her due date? That happens all the time! Babies hardly ever arrive on the date they were supposed to, they have a whole different timeline than we do LOL! If your baby is early or late, you can just text, call or email me and we will move your “pinned” date in accordance with the day they were born to keep them within the window of time that is best. What if your baby gets colic or baby acne early? That happens too and we are ready! We have several soothing techniques that we will use throughout your session to help comfort a colicky baby and our editing techniques are top notch when it comes to making all those little bumps go bye-bye!

We only do a very limited amount of newborn sessions per month. We are currently booking for October, November and December of 2015 and are also booking into January and February of 2016. Our spots fill up fast, reserving your spot early is highly recommended. Contact us to reserve your spot!


This little one was 7 days new for her session!

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