Olympia Newborn Photographer – Newborn Photography Session

We are often asked “how do I schedule my baby’s newborn session? I have a due date, but baby could come before or after….how do we pin down an exact date?” The answer is that we totally understand that your baby will most likely not arrive on his or her due date. Your due date is an estimation and baby could arrive a few days earlier or later or even a week or two earlier or a week or two later. Most babies decide what day is going to be their birthday! So how do we plan a party for a guest that we don’t know when they are going to make their grand appearance? When you call to reserve your baby’s newborn photography session we will look at our schedule, look at what day your due date falls on and the count out about 5 to 7 days after that date and then put you on the schedule on that date. If your baby arrives earlier or later than your due date, you can call, email or text us to let us know and then we will move your session date to stay within that 10 day window of time after their birth date. Staying within that ten day window is important because your baby will still be in a very sleepy state and will do those adorable squished up baby poses that only a days old baby can do!

Our schedule fills up quickly and most of our clients book months in advance {we do occasionally have last minute openings but we suggest booking early if you can}. It is best to reserve your session anytime during your second trimester. We are currently accepting reservations for December, January, February and March. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve your baby’s session.


Your baby’s first photo session should be within 10 days of birth.

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