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There have been many occasions where at the beginning of a newborn photography session, the mom or dad or both will express to me that they are stressing out because they are worried that their new little bundle of joy will not be so joyful for their photo session. They are worried that their baby will fuss, cry, and not sleep at all and they know that a sleepy baby is ideal for 99% of the newborn poses that we do. Is this a fear that you have too? Well, you have found the right baby-whispering-momma-with a touch of Jedi force! Just the other day a mom of an adorable 5 day old baby came in and she said that she was soooooooo worried because every time she put him down he would wake up, so how was that going to work for his very first photo session she wondered? That is a very valid concern, but it is a concern that I am readily equipped to handle and it is something that I don’t want you to worry about, nope not one itty bitty bit! From our warm and cozy studio environment {aka the baby cave} to the white noise machines that are swooshing your baby to sleep, we have many ways to sooth a fussy little one and help them find their way to sleepyland. You don’t have to worry about getting your baby to sleep, let me worry about that! You can sit back, take a nap {yes, really, you can!}, enjoy a yummy snack and a cold drink from our mini-fridge, and most of all relax. Seventeen years of working with tiny brand new humans has given me a PhD in getting babies to go nite nite! Oh, and that worried momma of the 5 day old? This is her baby in the picture in this post…just snoozing away! As a matter of fact, the whole family {momma, daddy and big sister} all took a nap while I worked with their new sweetie!

We currently only have one remaining session available for November. If you need it, contact us to reserve it for your baby. We are also booking for December, January, February and March. If your due date is anytime during those months and even into April, now is the time to reserve your session.


Sit back and relax while we do all the work!

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