Olympia Newborn Photographer – Newborn Photo Sessions: Preemies and Special Cases

preemie-baby-at-newborn-photography-session-at-fairies-and-frogs-photographyEvery teeny tiny baby is special, but there are some babies like premature babies and babies that have feeding tubes either surgically placed or through their nasal passage for their nourishment that require a little extra care. All babies get the special treatment at Fairies and Frogs but there are some little ones that come to their sessions that require just a little extra attention and care. If you are a parent of a preemie or a baby that needs to be accompanied by medical apparatus you might be hesitant to have a stranger handle your baby or assume that there is no way your little one will be calm or comfortable enough to take a good photo.

I am here to put your worries to rest. If you have a baby with particular needs and your are searching for the ability for someone to photograph your baby that is comfortable and highly capable of working with all kinds of babies, there is all the more reason to book a newborn photo session with a professional niche infant photographer. Your little one is truly a miracle and it is important to capture their amazing beauty and spirit during the first days of their lives. As professional photographer with 17 years of experience working with newborn babies I will put in the care and attention to create unique portraits that truly speak to your baby’s individuality regardless of their tiny size or the necessary medical equipment that needs to be very close to them.

Over the years I have met all kinds of special babies. I love getting to know every single little one and am used to accommodating myself to their individual needs and personalities. I have experience dealing with every kind of situation you can think of — it’s all part of the job description when you work with babies! I can anticipate problems, make accommodations and quickly resolve issues in ways that professional photographers who don’t work with infants on a day-to-day basis can not. I have photographed babies that were less than 5 pounds at the time of their newborn session (like the little bub in this post) and I have worked with babies that needed a surgically placed feeding tube.

If you are the parent of a special baby who is worried about the problems and challenges that may arise during a photo session, please contact me. I will work with you to create a beautiful photo session and accommodate the needs of your little one.

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