Olympia Newborn Photographer – How Birth Photography Can Help Dads Better Experience The Joys Of Birth


Birth photography is something that more mothers are falling in love with, but your husband isn’t quite sold on the idea yet. He thinks he can handle it himself, and while we’re not saying he can’t, getting a professional to handle it for him can help make the experience more joyful for him – and by proxy, you.

Let’s Him Focus On Supporting You

Some cliches are based in reality, and the generic idea of the “frazzled” husband at birth is often absolutely true. It’s not that your husband lacks strength of focus, it’s just that he is enraptured by the moment and concerned with your success. Taking the camera out of his hands and giving it to a professional helps take some of the strain off of him and creates a more supporting environment. It also allows him to enjoy being present in this very special moment.

Shows Off Your Bond

You and your husband will rarely feel a stronger sense of bonding or togetherness than when you work together through the birth of a child. Capturing the moment will help show off your bond and give you a reminder of how much you love each other.

Gives Him Incredible Photos To Share With Friends

New fathers love showing off photos of their beautiful children, and birth photography gives them unique access to the greatest moment the two of you will ever share. His heart will swell with pride and his friends smile in empathy when they see the moment the two of you first embrace your child. You might even find he frames a large version of it and hangs it in his garage or his study.

Discuss birth photography with your husband before contacting us to ensure that he fully understands its incredible benefits. We know you won’t regret making this beautiful and joyful decision.

I only accept two or three birth experience reservations per month so that I can insure that I will be able to attend every birth. It is never too early to reserve your spot! Booking anytime in your second trimester is recommended, but if you are in your third trimester and baby’s due date is coming up fast, call me 360.438.0432 and let me see what I can do!

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