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It’s that time of year again…those yucky flu and cold bugs that want to bug all of us! Here at Fairies and Frogs Photography our top, top, top priority is your baby’s and your family’s health and happiness. We take special precautions and measures before, during and after each photography session to do everything humanly possible to keep your family and your sweet new baby happy and healthy. When your new baby has a cold, I know how hard it is to watch them struggle to breath through a stuffy nose while they are nursing or bottle feeding or just trying to sleep. When they are so new and tiny there is not much you can do as a parent to help them but we can try to prevent the stuffy nose and the coughs in the first place!

Before each and every session, we make sure that all fabrics, blankets, outfits and diaper covers are washed in baby friendly soaps – fragrance free, dye free and environmentally friendly soap. We also disinfect all surfaces in the studio and all props with sanitizing wipes to keep any germs away! During your session and before we pick up your little baby, we will wash our hands and we have a huge bottle of hand sanitizer sitting right next to where we will be creating all those beautiful pictures of your baby.

Since I am a newborn photographer and have been for 17 years (since my oldest child was born) my whole family and myself are diligent hand-washers and we are also up to date on all shots, including flu and whooping cough shots. If anyone in my family has a cold, including myself, I will contact you to reschedule your session if necessary. If anyone in your family has a cold before your session, please contact us about rescheduling your session. Before I had babies some of this information and knowledge about germs, cold and coughs was something I really never gave a second thought to, but after I had my babies, I was always worried about things like: are precautions being taken? At Fairies and Frogs Photography I can tell you that yes, every precaution is being taken, I will protect your baby as I would protect my own :)

We are currently taking reservations for late Winter, Spring and Summer of 2016. If your due date is anytime during those months, now is the time to reserve your spot. Call 360.438.0432 or contact us with questions or to make your reservation. Space is limited.


Your baby’s health and happiness are top priorities at Fairies and Frogs Photography!

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