Olympia Newborn Baby Photographer – Newborn Photography Session

This little guy was an “older newborn” when he came in for his newborn photography session. Usually the babies that come in are about 5 to 8 days old which is the recommended age for a newborn session, but this baby was 4 weeks old which isn’t that old at all, but for a newborn session 4 weeks is considered an “older baby”. I am often asked “why does the baby need to be only a few days old?” Babies that are only days old (between 5 to 14 days) will still be super sleepy and won’t mind at all being curled up in those adorable squishy newborn poses. Older babies are trying to establish a more regular eat, sleep, awake pattern so they are a little trickier to get to fall asleep and trickier to get them to stay asleep during pose transitions and if we need to adjust baby’s hand or head or foot an older baby tends to notice and will wake up easier. The older a baby gets the more they are not able to get into those squishy poses. Also, there are certain newborn props that will only fit the size of a new baby.

You might be wondering how do we schedule a newborn session so that we are able to get them in during that 5 to 14 day window of time especially if we don’t know the exact day the baby will be born? What we do is look out about 5 days past your due date and then pin down that date for you. If your baby arrives earlier or later than their due date, you can just call or text me and let me know and then we adjust your session date to stay within that window of time. Preemie babies are an exception to this window of time. Preemie sessions can sometimes be 4 or 5 weeks after the baby’s birth date.

We still have a couple of newborn photography spots open for March, but they are filling up fast. We are taking reservations for April, May, June, July and August newborn sessions but space is limited. Contact us to pin down your date or if you have any questions let’s chat!

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