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Welcome little baby M to the world! I can tell you that when we did this pose, my assistant, the momma and I were laughing so hard because his little serious face and his hat just did not match up.  His expressions were hysterical! We were trying to think of what he would say if he could talk!  “What are you guys laughing at?” and “Stop laughing, I’m working here” were a couple that came to mind! Adorable faces like these are why I love doing what I do!  When his momma showed me this hat I just knew we had to use it for his session!  I loved the colors and knew they would photograph beautifully and the way the hat hugged his little chubby cheeks was too perfect!

We always welcome and encourage our clients to bring items from home to use for their sessions. Sometimes the hat, blanket, or toy that is tucked in your diaper bag turns out to be the perfect prop!  However, don’t be discouraged if your diaper bag is filled with diapers and bottles and no props. We have a huge selection of items in our ever growing Fairies & Frogs prop room that we can use for your session because you have enough to remember and worry about!

This little guy also had a big brother that joined him for pictures! Big brother was doing what most new big brothers do; not wanting to sit by the new baby but we always find a way to get the little ones to do what we would like them to do, even a two year old! We got him to kiss the baby, softly touch his hair and even sit by the baby and smile at us which by the mom’s account was nothing less than a miracle. We like to make the impossible possible! Babies are only babies for such a short period of time, they will never be this little again, tomorrow they will be just a little bit bigger than today. Hug your baby!

newborn baby in blue hat at fairies and frogs photography Fairies and Frogs Photography new big brother

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