Olympia Lacey Washington Baby Photographer – What to Bring to A Six Month Old Baby’s Photography Session

Six month old sessions or “Sitter Sessions” are so much fun! Little babies this age are full of big personalities that show up in each and every image! Here are some tips for your baby’s six month session:

1.Schedule your session in the morning, after your baby’s morning nap. If your baby is teething and it’s making them super uncomfortable or if they have a cold, we will need to reschedule your session. A happy baby is a smiley baby and it’s well worth it to move your session out a few days.

2. Bring 2 to 3 outfits and don’t forget accessories! Hats, hoodies, jackets, little raincoats, cute little rainboots, converse tennis shoes, baseball hat, little cowboy or cowgirl hat….endless possibilities for cuteness! Bring along a diaper cover if you would like some “belly” pictures. Six months old is a great time to capture your baby’s round tummy and their amazingly cute thighs!

3. What does your baby love at these days? Is it a book, a stuffed toy, a blanket? Bring it! The little things that your baby plays with will be perfect to incorporate into your pictures to make your pictures even more about your baby and this time in his or her life.

4. Think about what makes your baby have a “Yay!” response. Is it a song that you sing? Is it a game that you play? It could even be a funny video or music from your phone! It is very common during a session that the baby’s mama, daddy and me bust out into Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald, or The Wheels on the Bus! Or for daddy to make big loud raspberry noises :) Whatever makes baby smile is what we will do LOL!

When to book your Six Month or Sitter Session? When your baby can sit up comfortably, without feet and legs turning all shades of purple. Contact me when your baby has mastered the sitting up skill and we can get you on the books for a super fun session! 360.438.0432


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