Olympia Baby’s First Birthday Photographer – Baby E’s Cake Smash Photography Session Sneak Peek

I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost a year since this little man came in for his newborn photography session! When his momma called to schedule his first birthday session she knew right away that she wanted to do a Cake Smash for sure and boy, did he smash the cake! The funny thing is it was actually his feet that hit the cake first and then his hands!

Cake smash sessions are so much fun and they are totally customized around the colors of the cake or the theme of the party. This little one’s momma texted me a picture of what his cake was going to look like and a picture of his outfit so I knew exactly what shades of blue I needed to create his background banner and what color balloons I needed.

The color of the cake and icing are actually pretty important for a Cake Smash Session. The colors that work best are vanilla cake, or yellow cake and the icing can be blue, white, pink or yellow. His cake was a blue ombre cake which worked out perfectly and I recently had a pink ombre cake come in and that was gorgeous too! Believe it or not, most babies do not want to smash the cake so we have to give them a little prompting with food that they are more comfortable with. For instance, this baby was not really interested in eating the cake so we have a little “session trick” that we use to get it to look like he is enjoying mouthfuls of cake! The trick? We gave him some of his puff treats to eat. We put the treats, which are nice and small, in his hand and on the cake, so when he puts his hand up to his mouth it looks like he is eating cake and when he reaches for a puff, it looks like he is reaching for more cake! Nope, he is reaching for his puffs! He certainly did like to play in the icing though!

If your baby is going to have a first birthday soon, give me a call and let’s get them on the schedule! 360.438.0432 or contact me!


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