Olympia Baby & Newborn Photographer / Miss A’s 3 month Baby Photography Session

Fairies & Frogs Photography receives several inquiries a week from frantic parents that are just realizing that they have missed the 5 to 15 day window of time which is recommended by photographers for “newborn” photography sessions. They ask me “is it too late?” My answer is that it is never too late for a baby photography session, but keep in mind that there are poses that a baby that is between 1 month to 5 months old can’t do that a newborn can do and there are props that can only be used for a newborn photography session. The stage between newborn and sitting up all by themselves is a tricky age to photograph because the baby, by this point, has a pretty stable sleep and awake pattern and can get pretty fussy if they are tired or trying to fall asleep. Babies in this stage also tend to get frustrated easily because most are not big fans of being on their tummies, their necks aren’t strong enough yet to support their head and if you put them on their backs they might start to try to sit up or do what we like to call “baby crunches” because they would rather be sitting up or inclined. This age can be tricky for a baby photography session, but it is not impossible, it just takes experience, patience and time. At Fairies & Frogs Photography in Olympia, we have the experience, patience and time and we have certain poses that we can do and props that we can use for baby photography sessions for babies that are 1 month to 5 months old that will make the baby feel secure and comfortable and enable the family to have breathtakingly beautiful portraits of their baby. If you have missed the recommended 5 to 14 days for a newborn photography session, don’t hesitate to call and schedule a baby photography session for your baby with Fairies & Frogs Photography.


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