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If there is a season for twins I think we are in one! We have had more twins coming in to Fairies and Frogs Photography in Olympia WA, than we ever had before and we are love, love, loving it!  The little twins in the picture in this post just came in the other day and boy did we have so much fun at their very first photography session! These two were soooo tiny, not even 5 pounds yet, but sister was getting close! I could have held these two all day long.

We are often asked if we schedule twins any differently or if a session for twins is any different than a session for one baby or if we charge extra for twins. As far as scheduling a session if you are expecting twins, we will schedule you right around your due date and if your sweet babies decide that they would like to be early birds, which sometimes happens with twins, then we will adjust your session to get you in earlier. A session for twins is different than a session for one baby in a couple of ways; first I will have an assistant to help out with your session and second the session might take a little longer because we will do poses with the babies together and the babies individually and this may take a little more time along with the cuddling, the diaper changes, the feeding and more cuddling. We do not charge extra for a newborn photography session for twins or for triplets.

We do a limited amount of newborn sessions per month. It is best to reserve your newborn session about 6 to 8 weeks before your due date. If your baby or babies are here or they are going to be born any day and time just got away from you please call us and we can see if we can find you a session. June 2015 is completely sold out but we are taking reservations for July, August, September and beyond. You can call 360.438.0432 to reserve your session.

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