Newborn Twin Photographer Tacoma – Swaddles, Bottles and Twins Oh My: Choosing a Professional Photographer for Twins


A message to a mommy of multiples: choosing a professional photographer for twins is a must! If one baby isn’t enough diaper changes, feedings and swaddles, then two will definitely fulfill that! Mommy’s of multiples deserve an award for not only double the trouble, but also double the smiles, giggles, and sweet new baby smells.

Newborn photography sessions are so important for capturing those precious first months of life and I know that it’s even more important when you have TWO new bundles of joy to celebrate. Twins may be a new ballgame for you, but I’ve got experience up my sleeve with many sets of twins. Not every photographer will do a session for multiples, but you’ve come to the right place!

While a session for multiples takes a little more planning, I love doing it and I have outfits and props made especially for twins! Not only that, but I will have all the extras needed in any newborn session. This includes a warming pad, a white noise machine and a cozy environment that will make for the perfect session. I know that twins are usually on the preemie side, and that is perfectly fine! I have worked with tiny 4 lb babies and still had the perfect newborn session.

At Fairies and Frogs Photography our goal is to make you feel as comfortable and at home as possible. You may think this is impossible when you have multiples, but I can assure my seventeen years of photography has given me all the experience I need to make sure you and your new bundles have the perfect session.

Please contact me  if you have any questions about booking a session, I’d love to meet your and your multiples!

If you are looking for a newborn photographer you have come to the right place! I would love to chat with you about the newborn session you have been dreaming about for your babies! Booking early is recommended (anytime during your second trimester) but if your babies are due any day or if they are already in your arms, contact me 360.438.0432 and let’s see if we can get you in!

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