Newborn Photography Session Olympia WA – Preemie Photography Session

We get asked all the time about Preemies and when is the best time to have them come into the studio for their newborn photography session. Preemies, like this little guy looking all perfectly cozy in a sea of blue, can be scheduled to come in just as soon as they are able to leave the hospital. We ask that the parent just give call, email or text us when the big going home day will be and we will look at our calendar and get the session on the schedule pretty soon after baby goes home. If the going home day changes, as it sometimes does with these little ones, just give us call or text and we will move your session out a little further. Our Fairies and Frogs Photography studio, located in Olympia, is perfectly equipped for these tiny early birds! These little guys can have a difficult time keeping their body temperatures regulated, so we turn up the heat! Our studio is super warm and these little cuties just looooooove it!! It is so warm that we suggest that mom and dad wear layers so that they can stay comfortable during the session, we also have fridge stocked with water, sparkling juice and soda so everyone can stay hydrated. Not only is our studio toasty, but we also warm up everything that baby will be using for his or her session. The blankets are warmed, the bonnets, the props, the headbands…we have even warmed up props like a pumpkin, a football and an army helmet! After almost 17 years of specializing in the photography of newborns and babies, I have developed many “baby whispering” techniques that will help your tiny lovebug get comfortable and content for their very first photography session which will enable you to sit back and relax and enjoy the session too!

To schedule your newborn session, give us a call at 360.438.0432 or email


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