Newborn Photography Olympia WA-Two Week Old Baby Photo Session

Oh boy, we have been having so much fun with all the newborns that are coming in for their newborn photography sessions!! We love to make each and every session unique. When a mom or dad calls to reserve their new baby’s session, we will chat for just a bit about what they are looking for, what colors they like, if they will be bringing in any special props that they would like to incorporate into the session and if they have a pinterest folder with pictures that they have found for their baby’s session that they love. I love seeing my client’s newborn session Pinterest folders! All those carefully chosen pictures can quickly tell me what each mom or dad is liking and what inspires them for their newborn baby’s picture session. I can tell if they love lots of props or if they love simplicity. I can tell if they love light and bright images or if they like more dramatic darker images. I always ask the mom or dad to choose their top 5 images our of their folder and text them to me and then I take it from there! I love to use their top five pictures as a jumping off point for all the creative things that we can do for their session. I don’t copy what they send me but I will use it as a nugget of inspiration and put our own Fairies and Frogs twist on each and every image. I don’t copy the pictures because I want the final image to be unique and one of a kind just for their baby and their family. If the mom or dad texts me their top 5, I will usually choose 2 to use as my “inspiration nuggets” and then the rest of the session is designed totally around around the pre-session conversation that we had so that their baby’s session is totally unique from start to finish!

What if you don’t have a Pinterest folder? Don’t worry! Our pre-session conversation will give me all the insight, ideas and inspiration for your session and I will create my own “nuggets of inspiration” for your session!

To schedule a newborn session, call or text Anne at 360.438.0432. We only do a certain amount of newborn sessions per month and we currently have one newborn session available for May 2015 and one for June 2015. Click here to check our availability.

Newborn Photography Fairies and Frogs Photography Olympia WA

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