Newborn Photography Olympia WA – Top Two Things Parents Worry about at their Newborn Session

Fairies & Frogs Photography has been photographing teeny tiny newborn babies for over 16 years and we have discovered that there are two things that new parents are worried about when they come in for their newborn session.

The first worry is “what if my baby cries?” Our answer is your baby will cry. It might cry a lot or it might cry a little and that’s perfectly normal and totally expected! Babies cry, that’s what they do, it’s how they communicate with us and tell us what they are feeling at that moment in their new little life. If and when your baby cries, we will sooth them to comfort them, or maybe they need a little snack or some snuggles from Momma to make their world right again. Sometimes it only takes a moment baby to go back into a calm and relaxed mood and sometimes it takes a little longer, and that’s okay! We are prepared either way!

The second worry is “what if my baby pees or poos all over your things?” This is a very common question! If there is an item that I can’t wash, it’s not allowed in my studio! LOL! Seriously, if I can’t wipe it down with sanitizer or throw it into the wash after a little accident I don’t use it. There are three things that baby’s do: eat, sleep and go potty. A newborn session can last up to 3 hours, so your baby will do all three of those things many times during their session. There is a second part to that question that sometimes comes up…”what if the baby goes potty while mom or dad is holding him or her?” In a pose where baby is going to be “diaperless” and is going to be held, we always prepare the “holder” for certain things that just might happen. If baby goes potty, we tell the holder to just stay still and try their hardest to stay in the pose. We have towels on the floor and paper towels and wipes right beside us to go into quick action if the baby decides to go.  We also try to protect the “holder’s” clothes as much as we can but it’s always a good idea to bring an extra set of clothes to your session. The funny thing is, a baby will get completely relaxed after it goes potty and that is what we are looking for.  I can always edit out the potty :)  {Behind the scenes story: the little baby in the picture in this post went potty as we started this pose of her in her daddy’s arms.  She was a little fussy when we started and then after she went potty she was so calm and relaxed and then we captured the sweetest pictures and then I washed a load of towels!}

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