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Newborn photography that includes an older sister or brother is simply adorable. It captures a moment in time where the bond between the siblings is so brand new and so sweet to see. If you have an older child that you would like to include in your new baby’s photography session that is wonderful! There is a little bit of planning required to include a sibling and we will chat about that when we are going through all the fun details of your new baby’s session. A newborn session can last about two to three hours and that can feel like forever to a big brother or big sister so we have some tips and suggestions to help the sibling be as happy and comfortable at the session as their new baby brother or sister!

Things to Bring to your newborn Session for their big brother or big sister:

  • Non messy snacks (goldfish, cheese sticks, raisins, ect.)
  • A movie loaded onto a phone or tablet and headphones if possible. Don’t forget to fully charge the tablet or phone and bring the charger :)
  • Their blankie or other item that they love to snuggle with.
  • Their favorite books.
  • A helper that can help with the sibling. We will usually do the pictures with the sibling first, so after we are done with the sibling pictures, the sibling can watch a movie or go for a walk with the helper or the helper could take them home if you like. It’s always great to have help for the older child.

Your new baby’s safety is our top priority. We will only do poses with your baby that keep him or her safe and comfortable and happy. Poses with a sibling will vary depending on the age of the sibling and the willingness of the sibling to be near the baby. We will gauge the siblings response to the poses and only proceed with the poses if both the baby and the sibling are happy and content. There are times when the older sibling just does not want to participate and that is OK, this is a hard time for them, they have a new person that they are sharing you with and this major change in their lives can make a little one act a little out of character. If this does happen we will try our best and all of our smile making tricks to get the older brother and sister to be in the photograph, but again, the new baby’s safety is of utmost importance, so in some cases it’s best to try a sibling picture again when you come back in for baby’s 6 month session.

Our studio will be very warm for your newborn session. Please dress the sibling {and yourself} in light clothing or in layers so that everybody can stay comfortable for the entire session.

Info on picture in this post-the big sister was almost 2 and full of energy! She really did not want to do much with her brand new baby brother and it took her momma and daddy and I to get this shot! I was playing “smell the stinky feet” with her to get her giggly and happy and mom and dad were watching that her arm stayed still for brother’s sweet little noggin!

To schedule your newborn session call Anne at 360.438.0432.


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