Newborn Photography Olympia WA – How To Get Your Baby Ready For Their First Photo Session

You’ve reserved your newborn photography session and now baby is here and your session is just around the corner! Yay!! Even though your little sweet pea has only been in your arms for just a few days there are a few things you can do before your session and bring to your session that will help make the odds greater that baby will be sleepy and ready for picture time! First tip: bring a very hungry baby to the session. The hungrier the better! This might make for a noisy car ride for you but it will be well worth it! When you arrive to your session, the first thing we will do is get baby ready for his/her pictures and then feed them, finally! After this initial feeding your little one will be very happy and content and most likely take a nice long nap for the duration of the picture session. What if they wake up during the session? Most babies do wake up a lot or a little and when that happens we try to sooth them back to sleep or just give them a little more food to coax them back to sleep. A newborn photography session is a cycle of feedings, soothings, diaper changes, pictures, feedings, soothing and diaper changes! Second tip: Sometimes bringing a pacifier or a bottle of breast milk or formula are handy things to have on hand just to settle the baby into a cozy little bed or blanket. If your sweetie does not take a pacifier or a bottle don’t worry! We will do what makes your baby happy and content for their newborn photography session. Every new baby has their own likes and dislikes even at this very young age and we listen to them and what cues they are giving us to help them feel warm and secure and very, very tired for their very first photo session.

We have a very limited amount of newborn sessions available per month. We highly recommend reserving your newborn photography session in advance. We are currently accepting reservations for October, November, December and January. Call us to reserve yours! 360.438.0432


There are a few easy steps you can do before your session to get your baby ready!

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