Newborn Photography Olympia WA – Five Day Old Baby Photography Session

People are often surprised at how old most babies are for their Newborn Photography Session. They are not old at all! Most babies are between five and fourteen days old. Why so young? Little bitty babies that are just days old are super sleepy and will not mind being curled up for a squishy new baby pose and enjoy being swaddled in a warm and toasty blanket. A brand new baby will also transition easier from pose to pose because they are not that interested in waking up to see what we are doing. They just want to eat and sleep which works out well for me! Older babies, let’s say four weeks old or more, are trying to establish a sleep wake routine and get a little bit more opinionated when they are moved from prop to prop or when we need to make a hand adjustment or move a little leg.  They are like “Hey, I’m sleeping!” It is also more difficult to get an older baby to fall back asleep if they wake up and they really don’t want to do the squishy new baby poses because their adorably round tummies are getting in the way!

The baby in this picture, in our little bird nest, is five days old! He slept through just about the whole session, waking up to eat a little and have a couple of diaper changes.

The best way to make sure that you can get your newborn photography session scheduled before your baby is past the 14 day mark, is to contact us way in advance. You can contact us anytime during your pregnancy and we can set up your session. We are currently accepting reservations for September, October, November and December. If your baby is already here and you would like to schedule a session, please contact us and let us see what we can do, I can’t make any promises but we can see! We do a very limited amount of sessions per month, so call early to make sure you get yours reserved 360.438.0432.


Babies should be 5 to 14 days old for their Newborn Photography Session. This little guy is 5 days old!

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