Newborn Photography Olympia WA – Baby W Graduates from the NICU

Here at Fairies and Frogs Photography we are asked all the time “how do you schedule a newborn session, if you don’t know what exact day baby is going to be born?” Good Question! Unless you are having a C-Section, you really don’t know the exact date, but you do know your due date. So what we do is look at your due date and then look about 5 to 8 days after your due date and then we pencil down your session. If your baby decides to be an early bird or arrive fashionably late, we will adjust the session date either earlier or later.

Another question we get is “My baby is a preemie, when should I schedule her session” or “My baby is in the NICU, how do I schedule her session?” Teeny preemies and little NICU warriors are scheduled just a little bit differently. We understand that a baby might have to stay in the hospital longer, and it might be a couple of weeks or even longer until they can go home. Their hospital stay could push them past the suggested “before they are 10 days old” window of time for a newborn session, but don’t let that deter you from scheduling a session. Once you are penciled in on our schedule, you and your baby are top priority, and we will change your session to accommodate your needs. If your baby had to stay in the NICU, we will just put you on a “holding pattern” and when your little one gets the green light to go home you just let us know and we will get you in immediately. If your baby is a Preemie, we can still use the within the 10 day window of time, or we can wait another 7 to 14 days depending on how early your baby arrived. The little guy in the picture below was a NICU graduate. His mom and I kept in contact during his NICU stay and when he was able to go home, she let me know and we scheduled the date for his session.

At Fairies and Frogs Photography, we specialize in working with newborns of all ages. We want you to have stunningly beautiful newborn pictures of your baby that you will cherish forever.


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