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“Do I need to bring any props to my baby’s photo session?”  This is a question that is asked quite frequently and the answer is “If you have something special that you would love to include in your baby’s session please bring it with you, but don’t panic if you don’t, that’s perfectly fine, because our prop room is filled with tons of adorable and unique props, fabrics and backdrops!”  What is “something special”?  Something special could be a blanket, hat, or flower headband that was made for your new little baby.  It could also be a family heirloom, like a quilt, a cradle or jewelry (baby bracelets and vintage jewelry that has been passed down from grandmother, to mother, to baby have been items that have been brought in).  Or the something special could be something brand new and sparkley! For instance, we have had brand new toy trucks (big enough for baby to sleep in!) and tiny little tiaras brought in to the Fairies & Frogs studio that were purchased just for baby’s very first photo session.  The something special can also be a military uniform, law enforcement uniform or fire fighter’s uniform.  Sometimes we will use the whole uniform or sometimes we will put baby in the helmet or have the baby napping on the boots…it’s so cute!!

In most cases, moms and dads will bring in one or two or more items and we will use what we have and what they bring to create the sweetest picture of their baby.  For instance, in the picture collage below, the baby is wearing her own adorable little dainty flower headband in one pose and her own white rose headband in another pose and then we put her in our snow white blanket, in our basket on our rose pink wood floor.  Then, baby is wearing her own pink rosette skirt and headband and we thought that would look so perfect on our fabulous teal couchette!

These are just some ideas to help you think about what you might like to bring along with you to your baby’s photo session at Fairies & Frogs Photography.  However, just a reminder….if you don’t have any of these things don’t panic or stress!  You can bring in your little angel and we can provide everything for your photo session!  We have tons of props and backgrounds and blankets and wraps and hats and tutus and flower headbands and diaper covers and baskets and fabric….we have everything right here at our studio to create breathtaking newborn photos of your new little baby!


This little angel did such a good job for her very first photo session!

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    We are having a baby in March and would like a newborn session. Please call us back regarding availability and pricing. Thank you.ReplyCancel

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      Thank you so much for contacting us and congratulations on your new little one that is about to join this wonderful world! What is a good number to reach you?

      Talk to you soon!
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