Newborn Photographer-Lacey, Olympia, Washington

This little man came in to Fairies & Frogs Photography for his very first photo session the other morning and he did such a good job!  He fell fast asleep pretty much the minute he was taken out of his baby carrier and so we put him right to work….sleeping on the job is so hard!   We started his session wrapping him in our royal blue wrap, which he found super comfy cozy and then once he was all wrapped up like a little gift, we put him in our big antique wooden bowl.  He loved it!  We then moved on to the pose which looks like he is napping on a fluffy cloud.  He loved this one too…didn’t even wake up one bit.  Then, the final pose of this little man’s session was tucking him into our brown basket with our little bear hat on.  He didn’t even open one eye to see what was going on!

When a new mom or dad contacts Fairies & Frogs Photography to reserve their new little baby’s photo session, we often hear a common concern from them….”What if my baby is fussy during their session?”  If you are a new mom or dad, don’t worry!  Every baby fusses and we are expecting them to and prepared for them to.  That is what a new baby does!  We have been photographing babies for 16 years now and we have specialized and specific techniques to help your little one become content and sleepy and settle in comfortably so that I can move them, change them and pose them without them waking up.  All you have to do at your baby’s session is sit back and relax and watch the creation of the beautiful pictures that will soon be displayed on your walls :)


This adorable little man fell fast asleep for his very first photo session.


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