Newborn Moon Photography with the Sleepiest of Babies

Stella joined us for what turned out to be the most serene, newborn moon photography shoot with a variety of outfit changes and backdrops!

Love you to the moon and back

The theme of the day was to celebrate Stella’s name with a star and moon theme. We also did a rabbit theme with eggs because Stella’s mama has pet rabbits that she adores and wanted Stella to be a baby bunny for a few photos. Afterwards we did a Christmas bear theme because she was born right before Christmas. We covered a lot of holidays in such a short amount of time!

Newborn moon photography with a baby sleeping on a crescent moon

Easter in December

I love creating custom sessions for my clients. The goal is to choose things that are meaningful to them and their family — like doing a bunny with eggs in December! Whatever my clients want to do, we do! The Easter-esque theme was so cute.

Easter bunny newborn photo with a sleeping baby on a shelf with pink and purple eggs

Teddy bear or newborn?

Stella blends in so well with the rest of the actual teddy bears. She was very sleepy and it just makes the newborn photos that much more adorable!

Teddy bear newborn photo with a baby sleeping in a bear costume on a shelf with other teddy bears

Peaceful, sleeping baby photos

It was simply adorable how sweet and sleepy little miss Stella was. She slept through all of her outfit changes. She couldn’t have looked cuter in these resting baby photos. Her maroon nightcap and gown bring to mind the Christmas Carol but, of course in a much more lighthearted way.

A newborn sleeps in a maroon nightcap and gown
Portrait of a sleeping baby in a maroon nightcap

A stellar day for photography

Forgiving the pun, Stella’s photo session turned out to be just that — stellar. The themes and outfits worked so wonderfully together.

If looking through Stella’s photos has you dreaming of lovely photos of your own child or newborn, I can absolutely make that happen for you. Contact me to begin the process or visit my Instagram to find more of my work.


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