Newborn Baby Photography Olympia WA

This little lady was absolutely perfect for her very first photo session! She ate, slept, ate and slept and then slept some more! Her mom and I got a kick out of her little tongue, she wanted to stick it out for just about every picture, just like a sleepy kitten! Speaking of sleep, we are often asked how to we get the babies to sleep and stay asleep during their newborn photography session. Many moms and dads are worried that their bay will be awake for the whole session. For a newborn photography session it is easier to pose a baby that is asleep because they will fold up into those sweet curled up positions that only a days old baby can do. When a baby is in a deep sleep, which is where we try to get them to be for the entire session, they are so relaxed and content that we can transition them from pose to pose and prop to prop without them hardly waking up at all. In our welcome email that we send out to our moms and dads before their baby’s session, we provide some helpful tips on how to prepare their new little one for his or her photography session. The most important tip, is to bring a very hungry baby to the session. Then, just as soon as you get here and we get baby ready for pictures, it’s time to fill that hungry baby belly! When baby is nice and full, they tend to be very sleepy and will go right to sleep once we start working. Plus, we have the studio nice and warm, the blankets and fabrics that baby will be nestled in are warmed up before we set baby into them, and the lights are dimmed. Of course, babies want to do what want to babies do and sometimes they don’t want to sleep, even with a tummy full milk! So, we will take a little more time with those little guys and eventually they will go night night!

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