Newborn Baby Photography Olympia WA – Top 3 Concerns of New Parents

Ok, here is a very common scenario…you have just come home from the hospital and in just those few days you have had little sleep and your baby’s little sleep/wake clock is backwards {who doesn’t want to party all night? lol!} and now you are supposed to pack up and head out the door to your newborn photography session that you have been so looking forward to because you really want all those super adorable squishy curled up newborn pictures, BUT now you are worrying and all the “what ifs” are popping up in your mind. What if she cries the whole time? What if he doesn’t sleep, what then? What if she goes potty on something that didn’t come out of our diaper bag? ACK!!!

Now here is another very common scenario….all of those things, the things that you are worried about, might just happen. As a matter of fact, I expect them to happen and I am prepared for every curve ball that your little one throws my way. I am ready, I am prepared and I have all the patience in the world, and I will wait as long as it takes until your baby drifts off into dreamland. I have worked with hundreds of newborn babies over the past 16 years and I have learned the ways of the little ones :)

After booking your newborn session, you will receive a welcome letter that contains helpful tips on what to do the morning of your session to get your new baby ready for their newborn photography session. Then when you arrive to our warm and cozy studio your baby will be all ready to go. Some babies decide that they would like to stay awake for a awhile and that’s perfect! I will get some awake pictures and then see if we can coax her into taking a little nap. Then there is the potty thing…don’t worry! Everything in my studio is washable and gets washed after every use whether it gets pottied on or not. If your little one goes potty, it is not the first time and certainly won’t be the last. So, sit back, put your feet up, grab a snack {we always have something yummy to nibble on!} and rest assured that your sweet, sweet baby is in the best hands and you will get the most breathtaking images….the ones you always dreamed of!

To schedule your newborn session call or text Anne 360.438.0432. All of our newborn sessions have been reserved for June 2015, but we have a few spots left for July, August, September, October and beyond {Why do I think of Buzz Lightyear when I write that?!} if you are expecting in the next few months make sure reserve your newborn photography session as soon as you can to insure that your baby gets a spot!

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