Newborn Baby Photographers Seattle – Composite Photography for Newborn Sessions: Your baby’s safety comes first, ALWAYS!


Ever wonder how that beautiful baby born in December behaved so well to get its picture taken outside, in a nest, under a tree or in a flower garden with only a little outfit on or swaddled in a blanket? Did you ever wonder how that baby stayed so warm?

The answer to these questions is very simple, composite photography. This technique ensures the safety, comfort and warmth of your newborn. You worked so hard getting that little baby here and now we want to ensure that we can give the most beautiful photos to capture your newborn.

By taking multiple photos, using composite photography, we can produce the perfect picture. First we would take a photo of your baby in our warm and cozy studio, in a basket or nest or log bed. This ensures that the baby is warm and comfortable during the session and above all makes sure your baby is safe. Newborns have difficult time maintaining their body temperature when they are only a few days old. It is unsafe to try to take them outside when the weather is cold and here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather most of the year, is not suitable for outside pictures with a newborn.


The second step in sculpting the perfect photo comes from photographing the perfect basket, without a baby in it, in a gorgeous outside setting. This is done at a location during the summer or on a beautiful day during the spring or fall. This makes sure the newborn is safe and that the elements to a beautiful photograph are perfect.

We then take each photo and combine them to create a baby, in a nest or sleeping on a little log bed, under a pine tree or in a garden even though it is November, or December, or June (we do live in the PNW after all!).  Luckily, the newborn was kept safe from the elements associated with being outside in a basket.

Here at Fairies and Frogs we strive to make beautiful art, but not at the expense of safety to our tiniest and most delicate clients. Safety to your baby and your family is the number one concern while taking photos. With the use of composite photography we can achieve wonderful art and keep everyone safe! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule a session.

Would you love to have a picture of your baby outside but never thought you could because it rains all the time? Well your wish can come true and you will have the most gorgeous artwork of your sweet baby t to hang on your wall! Contact me today and let’s start planning the newborn session you have been dreaming about!

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