Newborn Baby Photographer Seattle – Composite Photography for Newborn Sessions: Why a Professional Photography is the Way to go for Newborn Photos


Composite Photography for Newborn Sessions: Your baby’s safety comes first!

We’ve all seen those trendy photos of a friend’s newborn swinging in a hammock, holding a flag, or holding their head up on a pumpkin or some other prop.

Whether you want your newborn photographed sleeping in a cozy basket with the Fall leaves all around, or in a ‘thinking’ with his arms posed beneath his head, or snoozing on a little raft on the beach, or sleeping on a swing it is important to understand the amount of work and safety precautions that go into these beautiful photos. Good photographers know how to get great photos of newborns and know how to do them safely. The best and safest way to achieve all of those cutesy poses with a newborn is through Composite Photography, or the art of combining multiple pictures into one beautiful finished work of art. Experienced newborn photographers pose your newborn with various means of support, often including you mama or papa and take several pictures of each pose. This way, mommy’s hand or Daddy’s lap is always there to keep baby safe, but can be edited out and replaced with a different picture of the same pose. After the session, a combination of those photos are used to create beautiful images that give the illusion of your newborn being able to sit up, swing, play etc. While you might be tempted to try these poses on your own, it really is better and safer overall to let a professional, like Fairies and Frogs capture those early moments in your child’s life. Rather than adding more stress to life with a new baby and risk the safety of your bundle of joy, let the pros handle it. Here are some best practices as a parent for newborn photos:

  • Look for ideas and write them down, screenshot them etc. then send them to your photographer (composite art takes a bit of planning and preparation)
  • Talk to your photographer about your wants, be detailed, and ask questions
  • Make sure your newborn photographer is highly skilled at composite photography. Composite photography is an art in and of itself.
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