Newborn Baby Photographer-Olympia, WA

Here are a few Newborn Session FAQ’s :

Q: How long is a newborn session? 

A: At Fairies & Frogs Photography our newborn sessions last about 3 hours, which allows for plenty of time for prop changes, diaper changes, feedings and soothing time.

Q: How old should my baby be for his/her newborn session?

A: We recommend that your baby’s session take place anytime within 10 days of birth.

Q: How do I schedule a date for my baby’s newborn session?

A: We look at your due date or the date for your scheduled C-Section and then we schedule your baby’s session about 5 days out from that date.  Once we have you on our calendar, we can reschedule your session depending on when baby actually arrives, because we hardly have any babies that arrive on their actual due date :)  Babies tend to arrive when they want to!  Your newborn session date is completely flexible.

Q: Do I need to place a deposit to reserve my newborn session?

A: Yes.  The newborn session fee must be paid in full in order to reserve your session.

Q: My baby is 7 days old right now, is it too late to schedule a session?

A: Perhaps not!  We will try our hardest to get your newborn session scheduled asap.

Q: What if my baby cries or is fussy during their session?

A:  Don’t worry :)  All babies cry and get fussy during their session, but we can get them soothed, relaxed and content again.

Q: What if my baby goes wee, or poo or spits up?

A: Don’t worry about that either :) Everything gets washed and sanitized after each newborn session.  My saying is: if it can’t be washed, it is not allowed in the studio LOL!  For those poses where there is a possibility that mom or dad might get poo or wee on them, we do have a nice supply of lap protectors that we are happy to provide so that your car ride home is a pleasant one! :)

Q: How long have you been taking pictures?

A: Wow!  Time flies…I started Fairies & Frogs almost 16 years ago!



This little one slept through her whole photo session!

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