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Welcome to the world baby M!

This little one came in for her newborn photography session when she was only 10 days old, which is the perfect time for newborn pictures. Newborn sessions are best if done around the 5 to 14 day mark, at this age babies will be very sleepy and will do all those adorably sweet poses that only tiny babies can do.  As a baby gets to be 3, 4 or 5 weeks old, they are spending more time awake and makes it slightly more challenging to get those “newborn” poses that melt your heart.

Sweet little Miss M came in for her newborn session at the perfect time and she was so funny! The poses that should have been the “easy” ones, like tucked into a nice warm blanket in a cozy basket, took her awhile to settle down into and get comfortable, but when we wanted to have her lay her head on her daddy’s army helmet (which is definitely not soft and cozy and which we were all prepared that was going to be the most difficult pose of her session) she fell fast asleep on it like it was the best pillow in the whole wide world. Go figure!! After the picture with her daddy’s army helmet we did the picture below and she loved it. I saved this pose for the last bit of her session because I knew she would like it. Babies love being held and being held against something warm is pure joy for them and makes them relaxed and content.

One question we get all the time at Fairies & Frogs Photography in Olympia is what if the baby goes to the bathroom when their diaper is off? Well, babies do three things; eat, sleep and go potty. That pattern stays the same for their photo session! If we do a pose (like the one below) I always prepare the “holder” to have in their mind that the baby is going to go potty on them, and if that happens to just stay perfectly still (which is really hard to do!) and if it doesn’t happen, they are really lucky! I am happy to report that Miss M did not go potty during this pose, but we were prepared!


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