Maternity Photography Olympia WA-Sunset Baby Bump Session at Burfoot Park

There is a term in the photography world for the best time of the day for outside pictures and that is the “golden hour.” The golden hour is the small window of time that happens right before sunset and while the sun is setting. The light is perfect for photo sessions at this time of day, it is soft and creates a warm glow. Sunset sessions are so much fun because each sunset is unique, just like wonderful family, children, couple or momma that I am photographing. Some evenings the sky is full of dramatic clouds and some nights the sky is so clear you can see the Olympic Mountain Range that is many miles away! There is one thing that I do discuss with my clients that have small children when we are planning their session and that is the fact our sunsets in great Northwest during the summer are rather late…sometimes 9:00 and that late hour can be pushing the limits of any little ones that will be getting photographed. Usually 9:00 is getting close or past their bedtime and they are worn out from their busy summer day! So, we discuss this during the planning phase of the session just so that naps can be adjusted and extra goodies can be brought to the session just to keep the little one’s spirits up until we are finished. The golden hour does go by super fast so we have to work super fast to get all the shots we need before the sun disappears.

Fun behind the scenes fact about the maternity photography session in the pictures below…this wonderful couple brought their two dogs to the session and those dogs howled and howled throughout the entire photo shoot! It was so hard not to laugh, but I had to so that my camera would not shake and the momma had to so that her belly would not shake! Silly doggies!

Maternity Photography Session at Sunset by Fairies & Frogs Photography

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