Make Your Newborn’s Photography Session as Unique as Your Family – Custom Newborn Baby Photography Sessions in Olympia Washington

Photographs that capture the beauty and innocence of your newborn baby are treasures that will bring you joy for the rest of your life. The right photographer can help you make those precious portraits a unique expression of why your family is so special. Here are some ideas to consider when customizing your newborn’s first photos. 

Occupational Fun!

It’s always adorable to put a new baby in a military helmet, or wrapped in the arms of a military, law enforcement or fire fighter jacket! If you would like to combine your new baby’s photo session with your career remember to bring in your gear! From boots to hat or helmet and uniform, bring in everything and let’s put the cute factor to work!


Are you in construction or a fisherman perhaps? Let’s chat about how we can use the items that you use for your sweet baby’s photo session!baby-asleep-in-toolbox-in-olympia-washington



Birth Story

Would you like your newborn’s first photos to tell a special story about the day they were born and the life they are born into? Bring in some “birth stat”
items. What to bring? How about a yardstick for how long they were, a clock for the time they were born, a calendar with their birth date circled or with a fun sticker on the date….how creative can you be? I am more than happy to help you plan for this set up! Just let me know!


Add a Missing Person

Babies often remind us of someone we love who is no longer with us. If you have lost someone special, like a parent or grandparent, you are more than welcome to bring in a small token that reminds you of that beloved family member. Jewelry, blankets, quilts, and small stuffed animals work beautifully to incorporate into a new baby’s session.

Rainbow Babies

Sometimes when people have lost babies before a baby is born, they like to put something in a newborn’s photo to remind them of the babies they lost or miscarried. A stuffed animal or a blanket to wrap around the baby works as a representative of the lost child. I also have many Rainbow Baby props that are a perfect and touching way to celebrate the life of the baby that you hold in your arms and also the memories of the baby that you hold in your heart.


Bring Family Props

What is important to your family? Do you enjoy camping together, or are you fans of a particular sports team? Do you play guitar or race cars?

You can incorporate those items into your newborn’s photos. A baseball cap is cute sitting on top of a newborn baby. Or put the baby in a tiny tent with a stuffed bear in the picture.



These are just a few ideas for customized portraits of your newborn. A little creativity will make your photographs something you will cherish for decades to come. Contact Fairies and Frogs Photography for more great ideas.

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