Magical Toddler Christmas Photos

This session made for some magical toddler Christmas photos, combining all of the wonder normally associated with the holidays and children’s relationship to them with some new exciting elements. This photo session was for Max who is two and full of so much sunshine and sweetness! I was overjoyed when Max’s mom showed me the elf outfit! It had a pointy hat, shoes with curled toes and a wonderful green vest! It reminded me of my favorite movie, “Elf.”

Magical toddler Christmas photos with a child riding reindeer

Magical toddler Christmas photos with cheerful Max!

This photography session was energetic, fast paced and high energy. To keep Max interested in the poses, we moved fast and made sure each pose was fun! I couldn’t get enough of his adorable pink cheeks! And that outfit! His outfit was amazing — such a stunning, creative costume. Max is two and two year old’s can have a mind of their own, but Max did each pose perfectly. He even kept his entire outfit on the entire time, including his pointy red hat! He is such a cheerful and smart little man. His session was so fun!

Magical toddler Christmas photos with a dinosaur and Christmas tree

Holiday imagination magic

The theme for Max’s shoot was holiday imagination magic! From riding his own reindeer to decorating the Christmas tree with his Brontosaurus friend, I think these photos are positively overflowing with holiday magic and wonder. I love it! Plus, we even got one with Max watching Santa on his nightly journey under cover of moonlight.

Magical toddler Christmas photos with a child watching Santa and his reindeer under the moonlight

Holiday cheers

I only wish I could be there for the reactions when Max’s family sees these images! They come straight out of a children’s book. I would compile them in a book of my own if I were Max’s parents!

If you are looking for magical photographs of your own children to remember your holidays together, please contact me or check out my Instagram for other toddler photo ideas.


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