Lacey Olympia Washington Newborn Photographer – Sweet Baby S’s Newborn Photography Session

Say hello to this sweet baby girl! She was super sleepy for just about her entire session which meant we could pose her and pose her and pose her some more! It was just like playing with a doll baby lol! I am often asked how many different “looks” or “sets” will be possible during a newborn photography session and the first answer is “as many as the baby will let me do :)” then the second answer is usually around 4. My goal for each session is to do at least 4 and if baby is still a happy camper we will keep going and do more. Most babies get done with me working with them after about 2 hours or so, but some will go a little longer. My pace for the session is the pace that makes the baby happy – they are so little but they are so in charge! Some babies settle in right away and some babies take a little longer to become content and that’s perfectly fine, every baby is different and each will let me know when he or she is ready and then when they are ready we get to work! I never rush a baby or a session :)

During the planning stage of your baby’s newborn session we will chat about specific things that will help me design your baby’s newborn photography session. We will discuss what poses or props are your favorites, what the theme of your nursery is, what colors do you love and more. Then we will start the session with your top choices and then keep going as long as baby is happy and content.

If you are expecting a little one this May, June, July or August now is the time to reserve your baby’s newborn session that you have been dreaming about. Space is limited and reserving your spot early is recommended.


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