Lacey Olympia Baby Photographer – Advice from a Photographer on How to Prepare for Your Six Month Session



When your baby turns six moths old, that is a big milestone! They have been alive for half of a year! You have experienced your baby turn from a snuggly, tiny newborn to a smily, active infant. Maybe your six month old is rolling over, sitting up on their own, and possibly starting to crawl. Capturing this stage of development is a fun way to remember your baby at this age because they sure won’t stay that way for long. Here is a list of helpful tips for how to prepare for your six month session.

  1. Bring a few changes of clothes- two to three is perfect. Of course you want backup clothes in case of a blowout or if baby is cutting teeth and is drooling like crazy. But you also will want to bring several outfits to get different pictures. It may be fun to take some pictures in a more casual outfit and some in a more fancy outfit. You can always text me pictures of outfits you are considering and I will be happy to help with advice!
  2. Don’t forget the accessories. Bows and headbands are a must for your little girl—and I have techniques that will help her leave them in!  You could try a ball cap for a boy or another cute hat. You can also accessorize with a hoodie or a coat.
  3. Grab their favorite toy just have it on hand in case they get cranky or you need to grab their attention. Does your baby have a favorite stuffed animal or blanket? Bring it with you, because pictures taken with things that baby loves are so adorable.

In order to get the best photos, we only do a session for about 45 minutes at Fairies and Frogs Photography. We know their little attention spans are short and we want to make this as painless as possible for them (and you lol!). Also, let us know when your child usually naps so we can work around that to catch them in their best mood. For more information on six month photos, contact us at Fairies & Frogs Photography.

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