Lacey Newborn Photographer – My newborn has baby acne. Should I reschedule his photography session?


editing-baby-skin-for-newborn-photography-in-olympia-washingtonIt’s the moment that every mother dreams of. Your perfect, bouncing bundle of joy arrives, and he’s looking like he is straight out of a Baby GAP advertisement with a perfect, rosy complexion and nary a flaw to be found. It’s a good thing that you’ve scheduled his newborn session to capture his flawless, model-like qualities!

While we have all seen babies like this, I am here to tell you that this is not most of our stories. It fact, almost all of the babies I photograph in their newborn session have baby acne and other skin conditions that have occurred in the handful of days since their birth. It is not unusual for a baby to have a bit of baby acne, blotchy redness from head to toe, purple feet, a touch of jaundice and a scratch from an errant fingernail along with it. So while you may be wondering, “Should I reschedule her photography session?“, please don’t worry! This is completely normal and nothing that I have not dealt with before.

In my 17 years of photographing newborns I have worked with babies with jaundice, dry skin, bruising, stork bites and acne many times over. I’ve perfected the editing techniques that allow me to remove these blemishes so that your photographs capture your baby without these pesky, but normal, newborn conditions.

The most important thing to remember is that your newborn photos will capture your baby when they are at their tiniest and sweetest! Time is fleeting and you will treasure the photos of your little one in his first days of life. Don’t let a few skin imperfections delay your session or stop you from capturing these precious moments. The best time for your baby’s newborn session is when baby is between 5 days and 12 days new. Time is of the essence! Let me worry about the little skin issues that your little bub might be having on his picture day!

And while we are on the subject of photo editing, I’ll just point out that moms and dads often have some, ahem, dark undereye circles that my magic wand can eliminate as well. Trust that I will have your whole family looking well rested and glowing.

If you have any questions about my editing techniques, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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