Lacey Newborn Photographer – Capturing a Year of Milestones


Poppy seed. Blueberry. Fig. Mango. Coconut. Pineapple. Pumpkin. This may sound like a strange recipe or a very healthy shopping list, but it is actually the stages of your baby’s growth during his or her 40 weeks in the womb. Now just imagine how quickly all of those changes will happen once your baby comes out of the womb and into the world! Time will fly by once your little love arrives, and what better way to document those memories than in photos.

Our baby’s first year bundle can help you capture all of the wonderful milestones you will be seeing during this exciting time. This includes newborn, 3, 6 and 9 month sessions, and a first birthday session. You will be able to have beautiful, professional, high resolutions images that will capture your newborn’s tiny toes, 3 month olds adorable smiles, 6 month olds joyful playtime, 9 month olds peek-a-boos, and your 1 year olds birthday excitement.

Now you are probably thinking this is an expensive investment, but it is actually cheaper in total to buy the bundle than it is to pay for individual sessions. You will save almost $150 on the newborn session alone, just by purchasing the bundle! This way you can still get timeless photos of your little one and keep money in your pocket to buy teething toys, bibs, diapers, and all the necessities your baby will need during this eventful time. If you would like to capture these precious times during your baby’s growth, from swaddling in a cozy blanket to smashing a cake, please contact us.

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