Kids Photography Studio, Olympia WA

In 16 years of taking children’s and babies and family pictures, I can spot a fake smile from a mile away! At every session, my goal is to capture the most natural expressions from each person who sits in front of my camera, no matter if they are 6 days old or 106 years old, the more natural the expressions are, the better the pictures will be.  For little ones, like the little guy in the picture below who happens to be 4 years old, there are ways and techniques that we have fine tuned over the years that enable us to get almost every child to have that natural smile and once they warm up they forget about my camera and they start having fun and then I can get some real funny and adorable expressions on their faces!  For instance, playing peek-a-boo is a favorite game for all ages and the “peek” and the “boo” parts of the game are both super photogenic and create a cute story that is adorable in pictures.  Can you imagine how adorable it would be to hang the “Peek” and the “Boo” pictures side by side in a nursery?  Too cute!!   The little guy below loved to talk to me about just about anything!  I love to carry on a conversation with them during the session and ask questions about all kinds of things; like cartoons, their pets, school, their favorite food, their silly toes :) and then see what expressions the different topics create.  If you think getting a “real” smile from your child is hard work, just leave the hard work up to us!  We specialize in getting those sweet and natural expressions that you will love to look at over and over again :)


Peek-a-Boo!  This little one is full of fun!

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