JBLM Olympia Maternity Photographer – How to Look Amazing for Your Maternity Session


Your pregnancy is probably one of the most life-changing things that you have ever been through, and you may want to capture this special time with a maternity photography session. However, if the truth be told, there’s a chance that you aren’t feeling very photogenic right now. You’re probably still trying to get used to your baby bump, and you might be gaining weight in other places, too. You might also feel tired and hormonal. All of these things can make you feel less than beautiful, and less than ready to pose for a series of photos that you’ll be displaying in your home and sending to everyone you know.

Even though it’s certainly natural that you might not feel like yourself right now, you shouldn’t allow these changes to prevent you from feeling great at your photography session. In fact, your pregnancy glow and the wonder of what is going on inside your growing belly can actually help you take some of the best — and most special — pictures that you have ever taken in your life. If you’re wondering how to look amazing for your maternity session, consider these helpful tips.

Choose the Right Photographer

Some photographers are better than others when it comes to really showcasing the beauty of a woman’s pregnancy. You’re better off skipping the regular, jack-of-all-trades type of photographer for these special sessions. Instead, choose a photographer who specializes in maternity photos for the best results. If you’re in or around Olympia, Washington, consider Fairies and Frogs Photography, which focuses solely on maternity, birth, newborn and baby photography.

Consider Having Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done

You might be great at doing your own hair and makeup, but someone who does makeup for photo shoots knows how to make your best features really stand out for the camera. Plus, getting all dolled up by a pro can make you feel good and can help you feel prepared for your session. If you would like a referral for a spectacular make-up and hair professional just let me know and I am happy to refer you to one! We can even make arrangements for your hair and make-up to be done here at the studio!

Try Different Poses

Although you may have looked online for different maternity poses and might have some ideas, it’s a good idea to be patient and to be willing to try multiple different poses with your photographer. Then, you will be able to find the poses that best flatter your body and your growing bump.

Dress the Part

At Fairies & Frogs Photography, we provide glamorous gowns that are perfect for maternity shoots. Dressing up a little bit can help you feel truly beautiful and ready for your shoot. Plus, you won’t have to worry about buying clothing for your session, only to find that your baby bump has outgrown it before the shoot!

If you’re nervous about how you’ll look in your maternity photos, you shouldn’t be. Here at Fairies & Frogs Photography, we want you to look and feel your best when taking these special photographs. If you’d like to find out more or are looking to book an appointment for your maternity shoot, contact us today.

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