Fourth of July Newborn Photography Session-Olympia Newborn Photography

Clients often ask what props do we provide at the studio and should they bring anything from home to their newborn’s photography session? We have just about every prop imaginable here at our warm and toasty studio. We have super soft blankets, baskets of every texture and style {short, tall, square, round, etc.}, we have the adorable moon prop for your sleepy little baby to curl up in, antique wooden bread bowls that are over 100 years old {I often wonder what that person, who carved out these bowls so long ago, would think about it being used for a napping baby instead of rising bread dough?}, we also have baby wraps to swaddle your baby into a cozy bundle and bonnets and bears and fluffy stuff {I really don’t know what else to call it-but it is adorable!} and that is just the tip of the ice berg! We have been photographing newborns for almost 17 years and in that time we have created a collection of beautiful and unique props, fabrics and outfits that will add just that touch of “wow!” to your newborn’s photography session.

In addition to our props we welcome items that you would like to bring from home. There is nothing cuter than a baby wrapped in the arms of her momma’s or daddy’s uniform, or napping on the quilt that her or his grandma lovingly made in the months before they arrived, or catching some zzzzz’s in their parents favorite football helmet. If you have something that you would like to bring, please bring it! When we are booking your session we will talk about if there are things you would like to bring and then I will plan your session around your items.

To check our availability for the month your baby is due please check our Availability Calendar.  Reserving your newborn photography session early is recommended to insure that you get a spot. We are currently booking into August, September, October, November and December and we only have a few spots left for each of those months. Call Anne at 360.438.0432 to reserve your baby’s newborn session.


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