First Birthday Photo Session – Olympia, WA


The “first birthday session”  also known as the “Smash the Cake session” are tons of fun at Fairies & Frogs Photography!  Every Smash the Cake session has two parts, the non-messy part and the messy part.  First, we start with the non-messy part where baby will be wearing an outfit that is not going to get cake on it.  After we capture the beautiful first birthday portrait, it’s cake time!!  We usually save the cake part for the second half of the session, because it can be a little messy or a lot messy depending on the baby!  When we first set the cake in front of baby, some babies are a little not-so-sure and just want to poke at the icing and some babies just dive right in and end up with icing from head to toe in no time at all!  It is so fun to see how baby will react to getting icing all over their fingers and when they get that first taste of cake, their expressions are hilarious and we are there to capture every cute moment!  During a cake smash everyone in the studio is laughing and encouraging the baby to eat more, eat more!  After the messy fun is over, we have a warm bubble bath waiting for the birthday boy or girl in our adorable baby washing station, where we have soap, rubber duckies (and froggies of course) and fluffy towels.

We are often asked where to get the fun outfits for the “Cake” part of the session.  Most of our clients purchase the outfits for their baby on  The little darling in the pictures below got his outfit from a shop on Etsy.  The outfits that come in are super cute, customized and ready for cake!   Speaking of cake, Fairies & Frogs can supply the cake (we supplied the one in these pictures) or you may supply your own.  Our bakery can make gluten free cakes too!


Here is a cute little guy enjoying his first birthday cake and a big yellow balloon!

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  • Kimberly

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