Finding a Photographer To Capture Your Baby’s First Few Days is Important – Olympia Lacey Newborn Photographer


Sometimes, nine months can feel like an eternity. Sometimes, it is due to stress or cramps, but most of it is anticipating meeting your little miracle. You feel like you have been waiting forever! But, the wait is over and your baby is here! After all the waiting, they are here in your arms.

Now, you want to preserve these precious moments, but babies are not as patient as you are. They can outgrow their tiny newborn size and willingness to curl up in those adorable squishy poses in just five to fourteen days. To get high quality photos of your child at that age, you need a photographer with the experience and specialty to ensure that you do not miss that window. A bad session costs money and valuable time that you cannot waste. You may have to have them redone. That means more money and possibly missing out on that time window.

Working with infants in any field is far more complex than with children and adults. Photography is no exception. Making sure mom and baby both feel comfortable is essential to a quality session. Studios that specialize in babies take this into account when planning your stay.

At Fairies and Frogs Photography, we want you to feel at home. We designed our studio to create a relaxing environment for both mom and baby. With seventeen years of experience, we know that it is the small details that can help put you at ease. Our cozy seating area offers complimentary WiFi and chilled water, sparkling juice, and healthy snacks. For baby, we offer white noise machines and warming pads to ensure that they are comfortable at all times.

This is an amazing time in your child’s life, but it won’t last long. Quality photos are the best to look back on these times and share them with friends and family. Choose a professional with experience and expertise to help you preserve these memories. Choose a studio that makes you and your baby feel comfortable and will do things right the first time so that you do not miss this short window in your child’s life. Feel free to contact us here to learn more about how you will actually save money and time by going to a professional newborn photographer.

You waited nine months, but baby is ready to start growing. Find a photographer who can keep up!

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