Family Photographer Tacoma WA

As a family photographer in Tacoma WA, fun imagination sessions are always a fantastic way to spend some time in the studio! In particular, what I love about these sessions is the ability to embody a child’s imagination. Not only do they get to play dress up, but they get to embrace the fun fairytale characters of their choosing. Fun scenes create a fully immersive experience where, just for a moment, children get to step inside the storybooks and tales of their favorite characters.

Family Photographer Tacoma WA

During this session, I had the pleasure of working with three pint-sized siblings. Each child was full of so much boundless energy and shining light. But, above all, each child came ready to take on the day, full of smiles! When Mom and Dad booked this session, they talked to me about curating a custom-commissioned piece. This is one of my favorite aspects of working on children’s imagination photography because the sky is the limit! I get to work with the family on something truly spectacular that will be unique to their request.

In addition to their custom backdrops, the parents went the full extra mile by purchasing the most adorable costumes for the kids! There was a whole Frozen theme with Anna, Elsa, and little Olaf. I kicked off the session by working with each child individually, for classic portraits. Little smiles full of tiny teeth and beautifully wispy hair filled the frame.

Before an outfit change, there was a stop by Elsa’s ice castle where Elsa, Anna, and joyful little Olaf enjoyed the views of the frozen wonderland! After spending some time in Arrendelle’s infinite winter setting, it was time to delve into the imagination of another cast of characters.

The humorous antics of Calvin and Hobbes were ready to take flight. Calvin, an adventurous boy, was ready to load up into his wagon with his beloved friend Hobbes, a stuffed tiger! The original comic stripe, so beloved as a piece of Americana, often featured Calvin and Hobbes in flights of fancy. Naturally, when Calvin and Hobbes were suited up and seated in their wagon, it was time to make it fly! They crash-landed into a mighty oak tree, but they were all smiles on their adventure. To see all the details of this Luxe Imagination Session, you can scroll through the photos below.

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Disney’s Frozen Elsa’s Castle by Tara Mapes


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