Family Photographer-Olympia, Lacey WA

When these two little cousins came into our Fairies & Frogs studio I knew that we were going to have some fun and we certainly did!  The goal of this session was to get some pictures of them together and then some of them individually but the ultimate goal was to get a picture of the two of them together for a frame that was given to their Oma for mother’s day.  The frame was empty and just waiting to be filled with a portrait of two very cute faces!!  Mission accepted and mission accomplished!  Having families contact me to create a session where the pictures will end up being a gift for someone is so much fun!  Pictures are such a wonderful gift to give and even better to receive!! This session is also a perfect example of our photo sessions at Fairies & Frogs Photography; we like to  let children do what children do and the end result is perfectly perfect and natural and fun!  For example, when we asked the little boy to give his cousin a kiss, he does that but misses her cheek and kisses her eye!  Adorable!!   When we were trying to get them to sit together on the bench, his expressions and hers are adorable and picture perfect!  My favorite (if I had to choose and that would be really hard!) has to be the picture of the two cousins in the middle of the picture collage below.  This was taken at the very end of the session.  She was scooting towards me and she had such a cute little smile on her face and as I took the picture, I saw her cousin peek from behind her with that little smile on his face… it!


These adorable cousins had a great time at their photo session!

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