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Photographs are undervalued today. Everyone has hundreds of them on their phones and computers, many of which are selfies. While these kinds of photos which fill up and clutter the hard drive can show real life moments, they often do not look so great, have bad lighting, or cut off half of your face. This is why you should hire a professional photographer to capture the most important moments, such as the first days of life for your child. The kinds of photographs you accumulate from professional photographers are different than the average selfie, and therefore must be treated differently.

Many people believe that photography is a lost art because anyone can take photos nowadays. People do not value images and the artistry behind them like they used to as anyone can be a photographer at any time. But there is still value in hiring a professional photographer; a better quality camera and expert knowledge about lighting, setting and angle. So if you have understood the importance of professional photos, you must understand that they need to be printed! Don’t let your digitals gather dust. The money and love you put into that photo shoot with your beloved child should not go to waste. By printing the images, you protect against possible technological malfunctions and bring the most beautiful artwork of you and your family out where they can be seen.

If you do not print the photos they can be lost in an old hard drive or a simple spill of coffee could erase them forever. Or worse still, you could forget to label them properly and never find them again in the mess of other files on your shared hard drive. Most laptops last only two to three years before they fall apart. If you are relying on this technology to maintain the most precious moments of your life, stop! Print some small photos to give out to all your friends (especially grandmas) and print several large photos to decorate your home. If you have professional shots of your baby, print them life-size so that you can memorialize the actual reality of how small he or she was in the beginning. One of the hallmarks of a professional photo shoot is that the images are such high quality they CAN be blown up to large sizes. You cannot take a selfie and have it printed large, as most phones will never make high quality images.

So now that you know the necessity of printing your photos, how do you get started? We are happy to help you in choosing the right printer and finding labs which have print services at a discounted price. Do not let your money or all of your effort and planning for your newborn session go to waste by never displaying your baby photos. This is a call to action to all those out there who have been relying on computer technology to store memories. Photos on the computer are out-of-sight out-of-mind and you might as well have never taken a photo or documented a single moment of your amazingly beautiful child if you choose not to print them.

If you are thinking about reserving a newborn session or if you have any questions contact Anne today! The best time to book your baby’s session is anytime, but during your second trimester is recommended. Is your baby already here or due any day? Call Anne 360.438.0432 and let’s see if we can find you a spot!

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