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Babies are precious. Babies are little miracles that will forever change your life. And babies cost money. Diapers, wipes, bottles, and clothes are just a few of the necessities required to keep baby alive and happy. So why hire a professional to take your new love’s picture? Is it worth hiring a professional when you can just pose your baby and snap some photos yourself?

Hands free is stress free. Yes, it’s all about the baby. But what about the rest of the family? When you hire a professional, mom and dad are in the photographs too. There is something wonderful about the pictures that have the whole family with their new addition, smiling, loving, and just being together. Cherish that serenity and allow a professional to capture it.

Folding, not forcing. Professional photographers will work with your baby, not force them. A studio is often a cozy place for a baby with warm temperatures, sound machines, fuzzy blankets and plenty of patience. When the little one stirs or has hiccups, maybe a break with mom or dad will quiet them down. If a particular pose is too tricky or making the baby uncomfortable, a professional will move on to the next idea.

Good quality produces good quality. You may have a decent eye for photography. You may even enjoy focusing a lens, crouching in strange positions and working with your breath to take a photo. But do you have the right equipment? When you have the capacity to provide studio lighting during a shoot, you can change the atmosphere of the room from one shot to the next simply by where you position a light stand. And the camera? No matter the quality of photographer behind it, some cameras are not up to the challenge you have in mind. It is often frustrating when the idea you have in your mind will not work out simply because of the tool you are using.

Time flies. Your little one will only be tiny once. And only for a fleeting moment. Don’t waste time with “should-haves” and regrets. Book your newborn session today with Fairies and Frogs and treasure these moments before they are gone.

It is never too early to reserve your newborn photography session. The best time to book your session is anytime during your second trimester just to insure that the space around your due date is still available. Is your baby due any day or is your baby already here? Don’t let another day go by! Contact me and let’s see if we can get you in! 360.438.0432

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