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Giving birth is one of the most incredible moments in a woman’s life. One moment she is experiencing labor and the next—a baby is born. Birth is so incredible, but also all-consuming in some ways. As a woman you can only perceive your own body in the form of pain, contractions, and emotions. So to have someone there to photograph this miraculous experience gives you a whole new perspective as well as gives you something tangible to help you remember the event. The following story from a client is a birth photography testimonial on why it’s the best decision she ever made to hire a birth photographer.

Jess’ Story

“My labor with my daughter Emery was relatively quick and easy. But I was so thankful to have a birth team to carry me through it. Of course my amazing husband was there and my OB, but also my doula and my birth photographer Anne from Fairies and Frogs.

At first, I kind of thought it was strange to hire a birth photographer. It wasn’t something I was even considering. But then my sister had her baby six months before me and she hired Anne as her birth photographer. I imagined that a birth photographer would be photographing all up in my business and all of the blood and fluid. But my sister’s photographs were so beautiful and amazing they moved me to tears. They were so tastefully done and they captured the expressions of awe, shock, love, and gratitude when they first met their son.

So I hired Anne to capture those moments for me. It is the best decision I could have made because in those moments when I was delivering Emery, it was like my body went on autopilot. I just knew how to deliver a baby and I had nothing to do with it. I have such vivid memories of those moments but of course they are only from my point of view. I love that I have photographs to capture my husband’s face and those precious first cries of my baby. It was totally not awkward to have a birth photographer there like I had been worried about and I am so thankful that we did that.”

For more information on having your birth professionally photographed and capturing those tender moments of first meeting your little one, contact us at Fairies & Frogs Photography today.

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