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As a Bellevue Newborn Photographer, I love working closely with families that share such deep bonds! Baby Royce, featured in this Newborn Photoshoot has a very special namesake! His Mom and Dad share a love for a book series written by Michael J. Sullivan. ‘Royce’ is the name of their favorite character in the series. So they chose the moniker for their sweet baby boy!

Mom and Dad are also big sci-fi & fantasy fans! You’ll get to see how the imagination photos that they chose for their newborn reflect their mutual interest! When Mom and Dad called me up to book this session, they chose my Luxe Newborn Session. That gave them a total of 9 different setups and poses to choose from for their tender newborn! You’d think with that many poses and outfit changes that baby Royce might have ‘protested’ a bit, but he was very cooperative and slept for the entire session. Even through the outfit changes!

We honored Mom & Dad’s love of their favorite book series, and baby Royce through an imagination photo! I worked on capturing a photo of baby Royce sleeping on top of a stack of the book written by Michael J. Sullivan. Along with the books, baby is neatly snuggled up under a dragon wing. He is snoozing away in a dragon nest cozily beside a Dragon egg. How cool is that?!

This whole family was truly amazing to work with, being in their presence, I could feel how much love was in the air for for this baby!

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Dragon Nest Digital Background by Tara Mapes
Digital Background by Tara Mapes


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