Bellevue Cake Smash Baby Photographer | Baby Boden

Baby Boden’s Bellevue Cake Smash session was a roaring good time! Can you guess what the theme was by my quip? Baby dinosaurs! 

Boden’s family contacted me to capture a petite first birthday session to celebrate his first trip around the sun. And boy oh boy did we have some fun in the studio! We began the session with his classic portraits, and I learned very quickly that Boden is on the move! He was already walking and running by the time he was celebrating his birthday. So my goal was figuring out how to get him interested in sitting still just long to get those beautiful shots for mom! Luckily, he was so in love with my little wooden blocks! So we incorporated a few of them into his portraits. They look so cute all scattered around his tiny baby toes!

In all my years of photographing babies for cake smash sessions, I have learned that not all babies like cake. It’s true! They usually don’t know what to make of it, or their curiosity gets the better of them.  Which typically results in them sticking their fingers and toes into the cake, before eating it. Or, playing with it more than actually eating eat. Or sometimes, not wanting to touch the cake at all! I usually tell my parents to bring a wooden spoon to the session for the baby to use as a fun “prop”, just in case! Having your baby hold the spoon in front of the cake is a cute way to bridge the gap of baby not being fully ready to dive in just yet!

With all of that said, you’ll be surprised to hear that baby Boden dove in, literally, face first, right into his birthday cake! I think we have an adventurous little soul on our hands! I captured every single second of his cuteness and I can’t wait for you to scroll through the photos in the blog below to see!

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